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New window treatment designs for window shape an overall theme for your room.

Find the information and resources that you need with a variety of different article topics on how window coverings can completely change the look of your room. Design like a professional and incorporate your personal style and design ideas into your window treatments.

Window Treatment Valances-The perfect fax setting for your room
Any window can benefit from window treatment valences. Window scarfs, pelmets, and swags, they all turn a regular windows into a magical decorative element that will mesmerize anyone entering the room.

Contemporary Window Treatment-Adding a modern window treatment
How can you be sure you are not choosing the wrong contemporary window treatment for your home?

Bathroom Window Treatment-Water resistant window fashion at its best
Bathroom Window Treatment is not really that much different from any other window treatment. Sure, there are some particular aspects you need to keep in mind when considering it, the bathroom is a high humidity area, and there are window fabrics better suited.

Designer Window Treatment-Style with a signature
Having your windows dressed with a designer window treatment will do wonders for you home decor. Whether you choose to advertise it to all your friends or keep a low profile.

Fabric Window Treatment-Proven textile fashion methods still work
The fabric window treatment, one of the most common and timeless textile treatments in the world. Proving that old methods still work and that if it is not broken did not fix it, you can rest assured fabric window treatments still hold a surprise or two.

Cornice Window Treatment-Making it look professional
The Cornice Window Treatment is suitable for people looking to add an extra touch to their windows. If you think these window treatments are only suitable for richly decorated rooms, you may want to give it another try.

Bow Window Curtain Rods-Straightest solution to your problems
If you think every rod looks the same, wait until you need to get some custom made bow window curtain rods. Bow windows, as well as bay windows, present some unique challenges when it comes to installing some new curtain rods.

Window Blinds and Curtains-Window treatment for the perfect home
No matter how advanced our homes get, we still need window blinds and curtains. Maybe some things never change; styles, however, do change and require a keen eye and attention to detail.

Child Window Treatment-Adding fun color/style your kids room
If there is something you do not want to miss, it is the opportunity to go wild with a child window treatment on your kid’s room. Children should be surrounded by happy and colorful themes. A place where they feel comfortable and enjoy having a child window treatment.

Modern Window Treatment-The perfect look for the contemporary home
Modern Window Treatments for your windows is also one of our greatest technological achievements. There are always new and refreshing ideas that make previous window treatments look outdated. Welcome to the 21st century of modern window treatments.

Bow Window Treatment-Bending the window fashion rules
Bow windows are highly fashionable architectural elements, meaning that you need to get everything right: including the perfect bow window treatment. So, where do you think you should start looking for bow window treatments and accessories that will fit your bow window? Surely not in your local store.

Bali Window Treatments-Affordable styles for the modern home
Bali Window Treatments are probably the most widely used across the United States. When you need style and quality, you have thousands of products to choose from. Bali window treatments grew to become one of the biggest players in this sector. Chances are, if you ever buy something from Bali, youll keep coming back.

Country Window Treatment-Traditional western window treatment style
No matter how modern coverings get, there are moments when you need to rely on the old and trusted country window treatment. Just as you would not install a Victorian curtain set in a contemporary art-deco apartment, a country house also has its specific requirements like country window treatments.

Swag Window Treatment-The perfect cover for your home decor
If you are looking for something to add an extra touch of style to your room decor, you should consider a swag window treatment. Normally seen in Victorian style decorations, the swag window treatment can often be used in a much larger variety of home decors.

Victorian Window Treatments-Vintage design and Antique lace style
Though you might think that Victorian window treatment curtains and valances only have place in classic antique decors, you would be surprised with the effects some people achieve with a little imagination. See what other home owners have accomplished with their own Victorian influenced lace window treatments.

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