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Curtain Window Treatment-Find a fresh new look for your window covering

Window Curtains are a very stylish and great curtain window treatment and are not restricted to off the rack formal pinch pleated draperies for your living room or the cotton frill tie backs for the kitchen and bathroom curtains. By looking at some of the latest curtains and draperies you will notice a huge variety in brilliant styles for you to dress your Windows no matter for what room in your home.

By choosing adaptations for traditional window treatment styles you will personalize your curtain window covering. You also have the option to blend and combine custom curtains and ready-made window curtains, draperies are typically heavier and have a formal lined panel where as your curtains will be comparatively lighter, unlined and be a less formal type of window covering.

 The decision for which one will depend on the style of room, the need for your privacy and light control. When choosing your window curtain take into consideration which type of heading you will be using. The curtain heading is the top of the window treatment built in several ways so it can accommodate a rod or pole. By adding a window valance laid across the top of the heading you will add an accent to the curtain and give it a beautiful tightly layering effect.

Curtain Window Fabric Is a Very Important Choice

 A curtain fabrics weight will determine how it may be used, for instance the heavier cloths will suit a more structured type of window heading and valance. The weight of the window curtain covering will let it hang with a smooth regular fold. The lighter fabrics are usually more informal and will be better suited with the shirred or a gathered heading or some simple tab tops or some ties.

 Also you should take into consideration the window fabrics cleaning care. Cloth fabrics like satin, silk and velvet will require you to get them dry cleaned; also some cotton types will shrink when washed. Take a small sample and test clean it and check the weave and colorfast afterwards.

Curtain fabric is a fast and easy way to add pattern and color to any decor plan. Large motifs will be best flat but patterns that branch or trail will work well being gathered or folded. Texture is usually overlooked as a decorative element for window curtains. With obvious textures like brocade, velvet and damask that will give you tactility and a warm and luxurious feel.

Any window shears and open weave coverings have the airy flow through and breezy feel. Heavy and dark window covering fabrics give you a warm enclosed quality and will allow your room to feel intimate and cozy.

Your semi translucent curtain fabrics will be less formal and give you the breezy, airy feeling. By adopting a practice of changing curtains for the season you can replace the heavier curtains and draperies with much lighter sheer curtains for the summer months

Window fashions will be successful when you coordinate with other soft furnishings. By matching the patterns and colors with the right fabric you will create a harmonious decor window treatment scheme. Allow us to help you in your research and decor plans.

Basement Window Covering-Making every square inch count
Basement Window Coverings need special consideration: what is the purpose of your basement room? Do I need to control the light in the room? What kind of rooms do I have in the basement is it a bedroom or a family room that I want to entertain or have it as a theater/TV room.

Wholesale Window Covering-Discount prices on window fashions
It is hard not be tempted with wholesale window covering special offers. This is where you will find that special covering you always wanted. Finding the exact color, pattern and overall style for the shape of your window at an affordable price is the best way to keep within your decorating budget.

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