Bow window curtain rods

Bow Window Curtain Rods-Straightest solution to your problems

If you think every rod looks the same, wait until you need to get some custom made bow window curtain rods. Bow windows, as well as bay windows, present some unique challenges when it comes to installing some new curtain rods. But there is an answer for every scenario, and you don’t need to feel bad about not being able to find it yourself.

Though some bay and bow windows have standard measures – meaning you will easily be able to find some bow window curtain rods at any local store – most of the time that’s not the case.

Sure, that large bow window does look incredible, but I guess you never imagined it would be so hard to find a fitting window treatment. When you are dealing with extra-large windows, your only option is to order some custom made bow rods that will fit perfectly.

Fortunately, custom rods are now a lot cheaper than they used to be. There is a lot of competition, and you can even find special low price offerings if you get a complete set of bow curtains and bow window curtain rods.

No matter what price you pay, you can rest assured the final result will be worth it. Just imagine all the time you will enjoy being in that room, with family and friends, all admiring your fantastic bow window treatment.

Fabric Window Treatment-Proven textile fashion methods still work
The fabric window treatment, one of the most common and timeless textile treatments in the world. Proving that old methods still work and that if it is not broken did not fix it, you can rest assured fabric window treatments still hold a surprise or two.

Drapery Window Covering-Window Fabrics, Design Ideas, Accessories
Drapery Window Coverings are very important to your decour.You should have a good idea of the texture, theme or colors you will be using. Three basic curtain styles are panels, cafes, and tiers. The tops used may be pocket casings, tabs, loops, tier grummets, and pleats which can change the feel of each style.

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