Basement window covering

Basement Window Covering-Making every square inch count

Basement Window Coverings need special consideration: what is the purpose of your basement room? Did you turn it into an exercise room, needing lots of light? Or did you turn it into an extra bedroom, and therefore needing as much privacy as possible? Your choices of window coverings will be restricted to what you want to achieve.

Most basement windows are short and wide, being well suited for horizontal blinds and shutters. Depending on what you’re using your basemen for, you may need to focus on privacy, thermal management, or just plain looks, to make it a more luminous space. It will not take long for you to turn an otherwise dark and gloomy place into a cozy place everyone feels at ease.

No matter how big your house may be, there is always a time when more space is needed. Having the ability to transform you basement into a comfortable living space will instantly add a couple more rooms to your house.

Having limited light exposure and small windows makes the selection of the right window coverings an extremely important matter. Make your decision wisely, as it will affect the entire feel for your new rooms. Getting it right will award you with a cozy new place for your enjoyment for the years to come.

Insulated Window Covering-Maximizing comfort while reducing expenses
Winter and summer are the time you will appreciate insulated window coverings the most. With energy costs raising you should make your house as energy efficient as possible.

Affordable Window Coverings-Window fashions on a budget
Affordable Window Coverings offer you all the biggest advantages you will get from the more expensive ones. You can find well suited window fashions that are both affordable but still provide you with the right color, style, texture pattern that you are looking for your window treatments.

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